The newest update on my life:

My life has literally just completely changed.
And yet in so many ways it’s staying exactly the same.

It all starts with a story I guess.

Once upon a time, a girl and boy met. They were in the seventh grade — the worst of all grades, the year everyone is at their most awkward stage. They became friends and quickly grew stronger feelings toward each other, though neither was sure how the other felt. Finally the girl learned of his feelings, but they were the wrong feelings. They were the lesser feelings he felt toward her best friend. Wanting her two friends to be happy, she gave them her blessing, and soon watched her best friend and the boy she was interested in date. After two months or so, she started dating the boys best friend, the way best friends will.
Eventually both couples broke up. He watched her move on and date her fair share of boys. He watched her date boys she shouldn’t; he comforted her when they hurt her. He watched her make mistakes. He watched her grow up. She watched him change drastically and yet stay the same crazy kid she had originally fallen for. She watched him date girls. She watched him enter a relationship that would end up lasting over three years; she listened when he had relationship problems. She watched him grow up. The boy and the girl stayed friends, sometimes closer than others but always friends. And though they would never admit it, both still held their original feelings. People accepted that their friendship was just different than most, that their flirting was meaningless. Except those that had known them since seventh grade. Those people waited.
When they returned from college for the summer after their freshman year, the girl discovered he was considering ending his relationship — the one that he had been in for almost three and a half years, the one in which he was dating another one of her friends (though the two girls’ friendship had grown extremely distant during their year apart) — and she didn’t know what to think. For the first time since seventh grade the two would both be single and be at a stronger point in their friendship. She had often said that she was unsure what would happen when they were both single.
They spent an entire day and night together. Hanging out, adventuring, talking. Avoiding talking. She was aware that he was lost in thought a large part of the time, but she didn’t ask him to talk. Part of why their friendship had always remained so strong was because they never pushed each other. Both knew the other would speak up if they had something they wanted each other to know. She let him sit and think things through, and when they were outside in the cold she wasn’t surprised when his arm was placed around her to help keep her warm. She was surprised by the ease with which she reciprocated, rubbing his back to help keep him warm. And when they were in the cold the second time they naturally found themselves in each others arms, cuddling. To stay warm, she told herself. He has a girlfriend, she told herself. But when they continued driving around after they left the cold, she once again wasn’t surprised to hear that he had made up his mind to end the relationship. And at six in the morning, when they parked the car as the sun was rising, she couldn’t do anything but smile when he placed his hand in hers.

The following day (or the same day depending on how you look at it; it was six in the morning by this point after all) the two went to the beach with the boy’s girlfriend, brother and friend. The girl knew the boy’s relationship was subpar, but she was unprepared for the amount of negativity she witnessed from the girlfriend. She felt herself growing angry every time the girlfriend spoke because it was almost always to criticize the boy. And she cringed watching the boy, feeling his indifference to his girlfriend. She found herself second guessing what had happened, but was reassured throughout the day by the looks he would give her. As she was driving later, the two of them sitting next to each other in the front of a truck while the girlfriend was stuck in the back, she felt his hand easily lace two of their fingers together, and she quit questioning his feelings. After dropping the girlfriend off, they parked the car around the block from his house and instantly held hands on the short walk back to his house. The next day the fateful text came. The one saying he had broken up with his girlfriend. And the girl knew their friendship would never change when her instinct was to comfort him and make sure he was ok, rather than to start their relationship. She allowed him to bring it up in his own time, and he soon did. And when they saw each other next he held her hand and eventually the following day he finally kissed her. Six years later. They waited six years for each other. They built an amazing friendship, becoming best friends, before ever once mentioning their feelings for each other. They grew up, they learned what they wanted out of relationships and finally they began dating. Six. Years. Later. That’s my life. I think I might be in a movie.

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